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Has COVID-19 Flattened You And Your Business? Do You Need A Funding Transfusion To Get Off The Canvas?  If So, Then You Have Arrived At The Right Place.  We Are VOCAT CAPITAL And Our Mission Is To Ensure That Businesses And Individuals  Are Equipped With Adequate Capital To Survive COVID-19 And The “New Normal”.


Is Your Business Stuck In The Mud And Going Nowhere Due To
COVID-19 And Other Pandemic-Related Economic Factors?

 Let Vocat Capital Get Your Business Unstuck And Back On The Road To Increased Profits.  We Can Set-up A Sure-Fire Winning Formula For Your Business Through The Vocat Capital “New Age Digital Business Development & Marketing Program” That Can Have Your Business Generating More Revenue And Profits Than Ever Before.  Just Email Us At Info@VocatCapital.com Or Call Us At 855-358-6228 For A Free Consultation.


YOUR TRUSTED covid-19 relief and Payroll protection program FUNDING ADVISOR

Payroll Protection

We can walk you through the SBA’s Payroll Protection Program and provide you advice and guidance on how to maximize this aspect of the CARES Act.


Do you have a business that is in dire financial straits due to COVID-19?  We can show you how to save your business through the many relief funding options available right now.

Business Credit Profile

The main reason most businesses fail to obtain adequate funding is that their business credit profile is below average and poor. We help you build a strong and viable business credit profile enabling you and your business to qualify for the funding you want.

Relief Funding Advisor

We are relief funding advisors and specialists. We provide you advice and recommendations on various relief funding options to help you survive the COVID-19 pandemic and the oncoming “New Normal”.  We specialize in tailoring funding solutions for your unique business and individual needs and requirements in a quick and prompt timeframe because we know you needed the money yesterday.

Your Interests First. Period.

As relief funding advisors, our goal is to first understand your funding needs in order to help you select the funding option that fulfills your requirements. We will unbiasedly recommend and guide you along so that you can make an informed decision on the best funding fit for you.

Career Opportunity

How would like to join our team and become a Relief Funding Agent? As a Relief Funding Agent, you take advantage of the huge demand for emergency funding by businesses and individuals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You can make 10X your current income through the RFA  program.  Apply here and start making the kind of money you deserve.

Over 25 Years Reputation for Excellence

We have over 25 years experience helping business owners and individuals with custom financial solutions. We put our emphasis on helping our clients do what is in their best interest and our clients needs always come first.


Our first goal is to understand you and/or your business overall financial status so that we can match you with the best funding option.


We’ll work with you to develop a funding strategy and solutions plan that fits your capital acquisition goals and objectives.


We’ll manage the funding process from start to finish to ensure everything runs smoothly and without delay



Let The VOCAT CAPITAL Team Help You Get The Funding
And Financing You Need And Want

John Bodecker

Relief Funding Expert

John Bodecker (SME)

Founder and CEO of VOCAT CAPITAL

John is a seasoned financial analyst and advisor with decades of experience in the insurance, real estate, and mortgage industries. A true capitalist and entrepreneur, he is a licensed reverse mortgage consultant, licensed insurance agent, and licensed real estate agent as well as being a senior services consultant. As a senior services consultant, John specializes in helping seniors downsize and transition from big, not so senior-friendly homes to more senior-friendly homes such as condos or senior apartments. Additionally, John wholesales and develops real estate.

Using his wealth of experience and expertise, a significant part of John’s business practice involves mentoring and sheparding aspiring business owners through the underwriting process of obtaining a guaranteed $100,000 SBA loan and other types of relief funding. As part of this relief funding effort, John and his team provides technical assistance in building a client’s business credit profile in order for the client to qualify for available loan opportunities.

In summary, John and VOCAT CAPITAL can be your one-stop-shop for all your business and individual financial strategies and solutions. John will not let you down!

I just recently signed a Reverse Mortgage. It was a very difficult and emotional time in my life and I could not have had a better Advocate than John Bodecker.

He was knowledgeable, patient, kind and kept me informed about every step of the process.

In my situation, with John’s assistance, I achieved my goal and am pleased with the end result.

I would highly recommend him to anyone considering this.

Pat Abbott

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bodecker for referring me to Benworth Capital who assisted me with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) application process.

By being referred to Benworth Capital, Educare Resource Center, Inc was able to secure PPP funding.

I recommend anyone who is need of funding sources, Mr. Bodecker is an excellent resource and I am grateful for his assistance.


Kathleen Harris

President/CEO, Educare Resources Center, Inc.


If you have any question regarding our services, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our financial experts. We are pleased to offer all types of financial services for your specific needs.


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